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The Cash Balance Plan

A Retirement Plan For Highly-Successful Entrepreneurs.

Contribute up to $300k+ in a retirement plan PRE-TAX and save up to 6-digits in taxes.

 Who Is A Cash Balance Plan For?

Cash Balance Plans are designed for the highly successful entreprenuer who want, or need, to save alot more than a traditional 401(k) plan.

They work best with solo-prenuers or employers with small teams.

 These specialized retirement plans allow you to contribute up to $300k+ pre-tax while saving you over to 6-digits in taxes.

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Life, Inc. Takes Care Of Everything 


Investment Management

We act as fiduciary of your plan.

Which means we handle the investmenting of your plan to keep you on track and compliant.




We handle all the filings, notices and administration of your plan.

You focus on your business and we’ll handle the rest.




Your plan is require to perform annual compliance testing. 

Our experts give you proactive planning advice to maximize your savings.


The Solution

A Powerful Savings Tool

The Cash Balance Plan is a very powerful savings tool that gives you the ability to save up to $300k+ pre-tax.

Traditional 401(k) plans cap you at $19,500.  Which only scratches the service when you’re looking to save money on your taxes.

By layering a cash balance plan on top of a 401(k) plan & profit sharing, the savings potential multiplies.


Tax Savings

As a highly successful entreprenuer, tax savings can be your greatest ROI.

As your income increases, your tax liability increases.  And, if your overhead is low, you need to find a different solution.

Cash Balance Plans can reduce entreprenuer’s tax liabilities by over $100k+!


Recruit The Best Talent

Finding top-tier talent can be difficult. 

Many larger companies recruit high-level talent with lavish benefit packages.

Adding an additional level of retirement savings contributions through a cash balance plan sets you apart from your competition.

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