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Bringing top tier service and expertise to small and medium sized businesses.

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At Life, Inc., our mission is to revolutionize retirement planning by offering tailor-made solutions that reflect the unique essence of every business.

We strive to bridge the gap between large-scale enterprise services and the personalized attention that small businesses deserve, ensuring that every employee’s financial future is safeguarded with precision and care.

What is a safe harbor 401k

The Benefits of Independence

in your 401(k) Administrator

Lower Plan Costs

Record keepers & custodians have niche pricing.  Find the one that fits your business.

Flexible Plan Design

Plans aren’t one-size fits all.  We want to grow with you and help pivot to different platform when needed.

Investment Options

Individual funds, or self-directed.  Find a record keeper that fits your investment philosophy.

Expertise & Support

Your dedicated experts will help design your plan with continued administration and compliance support.

Our Role In A  Retirement Plan

Life, Inc. Retirement Services aims to be the constant factor in your company’s evolving retirement plan. As your needs shift, we remain your stable resource for you and your employees.

Plan Administrator

The administrator manages the retirement plan, ensuring compliance and effective operation. They handle enrollment, contributions, and act as the liaison between the company and the plan provider. Essentially, they are the go-to point of contact for all plan-related matters.

Investment Fiduciary

The investment fiduciary is responsible for overseeing the plan’s assets. They must act in the best interests of the participants, ensuring that investments meet set criteria for risk and return. Their role is to select, manage, and monitor the investment options available in the plan.

Record Keeper/Custodian

The recordkeeper is responsible for tracking and managing all transactions within the retirement plan, such as contributions, distributions, and investments.

Recordkeepers often price their plans based on factors like plan size, employee count, or asset size. 

Life, Inc. remains as an independent administrator so we can pivot when the time comes.

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