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Empower your clients’ financial futures with retirement plans tailored to their needs, through a partnership built on trust and expertise.

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Our company specializes in creating custom 401k plans, meticulously shaped to align with each business’s unique goals and to optimize tax benefits.

Working closely with tax professionals, we ensure that every retirement plan we administer is not only fully compliant but also strategically crafted to provide maximum tax savings.

This collaboration is designed to enhance your service offering, equipping your clients with personalized retirement solutions that support their business objectives and contribute to their long-term financial success.

Why Accountants partner with Life, Inc.


Open communication with you and your client.

We ensure clear and direct communication with our tax professional partners to keep retirement plans in line with client needs and up-to-date with tax regulations.

Expert plan design to maximize your client's contributions.

Lean on our plan design experts to help create a retirement plan that helps maximum contributions for your client and their employees.

Dedicated administrative support.

By working with a dedicated team, you can expect smooth communication and consistent results for your and your clients.

The Benefits of Independence

in your 401(k) Administrator

Lower Plan Costs

Record keepers have niche pricing.  Find the one that fits your client’s business.

Flexible Plan Design

Plans aren’t one-size fits all.  We want to grow with you and your client and help your pivot to a different platform when needed.

Investment Options

Menu of funds, or self-directed.  Find a record keeper that fits your client’s investment philosophy.

Expertise & Support

Our dedicated experts will help design your client’s plan with continued administration support for both you and your client.

A solution for every business.

Find the ideal fit for your clients with our flexible options, offering both group and individual 401k plans tailored to diverse business sizes and employee needs.

Group Retirement Plans

Our group plans offer a collaborative retirement solution to meet the collective needs of your client's employees.

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Individual Retirement Plans

Our individual plan offerings are crafted to support business owners and solo entrepreneurs with customized retirement strategies.

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