Simplifying Retirement

Setting up retirement plans can seem complex and intimidating. Follow along with us as we simplify the process, define terminology, reiterate important deadlines, and find solutions in an easy to understand method.

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Do I Need a Financial Advisor for a 401K?

You might be wondering if you need a financial advisor for your 401(k). Many employers, especially small business owners, are hard at work managing their own business and working closely with their customers or clients. A financial advisor can help you tackle the...

Plan Trustee: What Do They Do and Why Are They so Critical?

Most people tend to think that because their employers contribute money that goes into their retirement plan that they play the most significant role. However, in order to ensure your plan's assets are managed adequately throughout your life, other essential functions...

Contribution Limits You Need to Know

What types of things should you be thinking about? Employees Can Add More Money to Their IRA's and 401k'sThe IRS will allow employees to contribute up to $19,500 for 401k's. That's up from $19,000 in 2019. Employees 50 or older can contribute an additional $6500....

The Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan: Everything You Need to Know and How to Maximize Contributions

In the United States, many businesses use the extremely popular Safe Harbor 401(k) plan. This is an employer-sponsored retirement plan that enables small business owners to make sure they are compliant with the Internal Revenue Service. They also use the Safe Harbor...
What it Means to be a Prudent Investment Steward

What it Means to be a Prudent Investment Steward

The most heavily scrutinized fiduciary duty of a plan sponsor is its role as an Investment Steward, which also extends to members of the plan’s investment committee, trustees, and anyone else who is involved in the oversight of investment decisions for the plan....

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3 Steps to a 401K for Your Small Business

3 Steps to a 401K for Your Small Business

Small business owners may think that a 401(k) retirement plan is too complex to implement and too costly to maintain.  But offering a retirement plan is crucial to attracting and retaining employees. Nearly 51% of employees joined their current company because of the...

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Why Your Start-Up Needs a 401K Plan

Why Your Start-Up Needs a 401K Plan

Most business startups are focused on selling their products or services.  That's understandable.  If you're not selling, you're not generating revenue, and without reliable cash flow, your company struggles to survive.   But not too long after launching a business,...

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