Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

Tailor non-qualified retirement plan benefits to your key players and business owners.

What is a Non-Qualified Retirement Plan?

Non-qualified retirement plans offer a strategic approach for businesses to reward and retain key employees and owners selectively.

These plans provide the flexibility to customize benefits to individual needs while offering unlimited potential for wealth accumulation.

With non-qualified plans, businesses can design tailored solutions to attract and retain top talent and align compensation with their unique objectives

Contribution Limits:

  • Unlimited Contribution Potential: Non-qualified plans do not impose the same contribution limits as traditional retirement plans, allowing for unrestricted contributions.
  • Tailored to Income: Contributions in non-qualified plans can be designed to align with an individual’s income, making them suitable for high earners and business owners.


  • Flexible Eligibility Criteria: Employers have the flexibility to determine eligibility, enabling them to target specific individuals, such as key employees or business owners.
  • Tailored Benefit Design: Non-qualified plans allow for customized benefit structures to align with the unique objectives of the business and the financial goals of selected participants.

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Types of Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

A Non-Qualified Retirement Plan allow you to target certain employees to offer additional benefits to, without the need to offer it company wide.   

Who Should Consider a Non-Qualified Retirement Plan.

Recognizing and Rewarding Key Talent.

Non-qualified plans offer a precise way for businesses to acknowledge and incentivize their most valuable employees. These plans enable you to pinpoint key contributors and tailor compensation packages to their exceptional efforts, promoting loyalty and retention.

Efficiently Targeting Key Players.

For employers satisfied with their existing retirement plans, non-qualified plans provide an efficient means of singling out key employees for special recognition. This approach allows you to enhance compensation for select individuals without the need to expand retirement benefits across the board.

Enhancing Employer Contributions Strategically.

Non-qualified plans are an attractive option for employers who want to boost their own retirement savings contributions without offering more to their employees.

These plans provide an avenue for business owners and executives to make substantial contributions to their retirement accounts, helping them secure their financial future while benefiting from tax advantages and flexibility.

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