We provide customized, comprehensive, retirement solutions to companies and corporations of all sizes.

We don’t stop there. We take it a step further by educating your employees on retirement benefits available to them and how to enroll.

Retirement Plan Options

Traditional 401K
  • Allows the owner to mold the plan around the goals of the company.
  • Can create your own matching and vesting schedule.
  • Multiple Investment Options.
  • Choice of Record Keeper.
  • Both Pre-tax and Roth options inside the plan.
  • Compliance and administration Support.

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Safe Harbor 401K
  • Allows the owner to maximize contributions without relying on high employee participation.
  • "Turn-key" matching and vesting options for easy compliance testing.
  • Multiple Investment Options.
  • Both Pre-tax and Roth Options inside the plan.
  • Choice of Record Keeper.
  • Compliance and adminstration Support

IMPORTANT DEADLINE: If you want to start a Safe Harbor 401(k)s before the end of the year, there is a deadline of October 1st.

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Simple IRA
  • "Turn-key" matching and vesting options.
  • Pre-tax contributions only.
  • Multiple Investment Options.
  • Your choice of employment qualification into the plan.
  • No administration costs.

IMPORTANT DEADLINE: If you want to start a Simple IRA before the end of the year, there is a deadline of October 1st.

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Individual 401K
  • Will allow the owner to contribute 100% of your income up to a certain point.
  • Allows the company to match your contribution.
  • Multiple Investment Options.
  • Choice of Pre-tax or Roth Contributions.
  • Compliance Support

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  • Allows the owner to contribute up to 25% of your income.
  • All contributions are pre-tax.
  • Employee contributions are NOT allowed. (employer must do same amount of contribution as their own)
  • Multiple Investment Options.
  • Compliance Support

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Payroll Deducted IRA
  • Gives your company the feel of a retirement plan for your employees, even if you're not quite ready for a 401k.
  • Allows your employees to contribute towards retirement straight out of their paycheck.
  • Choice of Pre-tax or Roth contributions.
  • Matching contributions from the employer are not required.
  • Easy online portal for the employer to submit employee contributions.
  • No administration or compliance required.

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Not sure which plan is right for you?

Take our Retirement Plan Evaluator for guidance!

Employee Education
One of the top reasons for low employee enrollment is a lack of education.

We make it simple for your employees to enroll in a retirement plan and provide the resources for them to understand the process and the benefits associated.

Advisory Services
As experts in the field, we stay on top of changes in the industry.

Our advisory services ensure you’re making the best decisions for your unique situation and you’re set up for the future.

Benefits of Working with Life, Inc. Retirement Services

Low Cost 401K Plans

We work specifically with small to medium businesses. We know that keeping costs low is important to you.

Your fees are fixed and we credit any “hidden fees” back to you.


Local 401K Providers

When you have a question regarding your retirement plan, your point of contact is local.

That means we will be available to promptly address your questions and provide you with proactive solutions. Don’t mess with call centers!


Tax Advantages

When selecting the appropriate plan for your business, our experts look for all tax saving opportunities to optimize your savings.

Your company may qualify for $16,500 in tax savings!

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